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The Website provides information on the Bar-On model of emotional-social intelligence (EI) and closely-associated concepts

Welcome to my website, which I have created and recently updated in order to tell you about myself and describe my model of emotional-social intelligence as well as how it is measured and applied at home, school, work and in healthcare. One of the primary reasons for doing this is that I have come across, from time to time, inaccurate descriptions of me and the EI model I have developed. Furthermore, I have received numerous requests for information about this model over the years; and placing responses to frequently asked questions on a website is more efficient than responding to individual requests.

An additional reason for creating this website is to provide information about the multifactor model of performance that I am currently developing, which represents the next big paradigm shift in psychology in my opinion. This goes beyond the paradigm shift ushered in by emotional intelligence; and it will have greater implications for parenting and raising the next generation, education and academic performance, occupational performance and leadership, and healthcare.

This website is intended for students, academics, researchers and practitioners in a wide variety of fields who are interested in various aspects of human intelligence, behavior and performance as well as the search for meaning and purpose in life.

This website contains information on a wide range of topics including:

  • Considerations regarding the conceptualization and measurement of EI
  • The theoretical foundations, background and development of the Bar-On EI model
  • Development and validation of the Bar-On EQ-i™ and derivative measures
  • What it means to be emotionally and socially intelligent according to the Bar-On model of emotional-social intelligence
  • A description of a number of additional concepts closely-associated with EI, and how they are measured and applied
  • Bar-On’s multifactor model of human behavior and performance: The next big paradigm shift beyond EI

Test your current level of performance with the MMP™, and learn what to improve in order to be more successful in life!

What is the MMP™?

The MMP™ (Multifactor Measure of Performance™) is an innovative way to evaluate how well you are currently performing in various different areas. Based on this self-assessment, the self-development component of this interactive assessment-development program then provides valuable feedback together with suggestions to help you perform on an even higher level.

The MMP™ was created by Dr. Reuven Bar-On, the person who created the EQ-i™, which has become the gold standard in measuring emotional intelligence. However, the MMP™ goes beyond EQ-assessment. It is, by far, Bar-On’s best innovation in performance assessment and development yet!

How does it work?

You are asked to respond to 189 brief questions, which typically takes about an hour. Your responses are automatically scored, and a summary of the results is created and emailed to you. The summary contains an in-depth analysis that maps your strengths as well as those areas that can be enhanced in order to improve your performance.

A new and shorter version of the questionnaire, the MMP 2.0, is scheduled to be released shortly. This version is based on research that has been carried out worldwide. One of the most extensive studies was initiated by Robert Morris, who has more than three decades of experience in law enforcement and has been collecting large samples from public safety services and the criminal justice community. A number of other research projects have been conducted by acknowledged international experts such as Isaac Ashkenazi, Carmit Rapport and Howard Murphy, who have been collecting data from individuals working in crisis leadership and in a variety of emergency services.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! While this version of the MMP™ is currently being piloted, and for a limited time only, there is absolutely no cost to complete it online and receive a personal summary of your results together with suggestions to enhance your performance to be more successful in what you do. The estimated cost will eventually be around US$25.

How do I begin?

If you would like to complete the MMP™ now, please click on enter.


Test Your Current Level of Motivation with the MQ-i™ to Learn What to Do to Be More Motivated, Engaged and Perform Better!

What is the MQ-i™? 

Motivation is a key predictor of successful leadership, teamwork and general occupational performance as well as academic performance and performance in sports. The most talented individuals with outstanding abilities will be under-performers if they are not sufficiently motivated. That is one of the reasons why five key contributors to motivation were included in the MMP™ (Multifactor Measure of Performance™) and why the MQ-i™ (Motivation Quotient Inventory™), a derivative of the MMP™, was developed as a stand-alone assessment tool.


The self-assessment component of this interactive assessment-development program provides you with valuable feedback to help you to be more motivated, engaged and perform on a higher level. To do this, the MQ-i™ comprehensively assesses five inner-related contributors to one’s overall level of motivation; and the development component of this program then provides you with straightforward suggestions for improving self-motivation, engagement and performance to help you raise your game.


How does it work?

You are asked 35 brief questions, which takes an average of 15 minutes. As soon as you exit the assessment site, detailed results and suggestions are immediately emailed to you with an in-depth analysis that maps your strengths as well as areas that can be enhanced in order to increase your motivation and improve your performance. The results will describe: (1) your overall level of motivation; (2) the degree to which you find meaning in what you do; (3) the extent to which you are typically self-motivated; (4) how engaged you are in what you do; (5) how determined you generally are in following through with what you begin; and (6) the extent to which you persevere to complete what you begin.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! While this version of the MQ-i™ is currently being piloted, and for a limited time only, there is absolutely no cost to complete it online and receive a personal summary of your results together with straightforward suggestions for increasing self-motivation motivation in order to perform at a higher level.


How do I begin?

If you would like to complete the MQ-i™ now, please click here on the Enter button.


In addition to nearly 50 other publications on EI authored or co-authored by me, below are two books on emotional-social intelligence that I have co-edited: 

Educating People
The Hand Book


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